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As the area’s largest franchise provider and the County’s 9-1-1 provider, Life Ambulance Service, Inc. has cultivated a motivated and professional workforce that calls El Paso and the El Paso area “home.” Life Ambulance will continue to provide all personnel necessary to supervise and operate our El Paso operations, including, but not limited to, EMT and paramedic-level ambulance crews; supervisors; dispatchers; maintenance personnel; and administrative and business office personnel.

Our History

Life Ambulance Service, Inc. (Life Ambulance) has served the citizens and visitors of El Paso County and the City of El Paso since Mr. Howard Enloe purchased the assets of Life Ambulance Service in 1984. Since that time, Life Ambulance has provided thirty-five (35) years of high-quality, uninterrupted services to fill the need for a professional ambulance company in both the City and the County.

Our existing footprint already provides an infrastructure that is unmatched in the area.

Life Ambulance routinely staffs daily resources that far exceed any other provider.

Medical Transportation El Paso

Predicative resource planning is utilized to identify historical information and forecast expected daily business and staffing levels

We have two (2) Intermediate/Basic Ambulances assigned to the Horizon Area. Ninety Percent (97%) of the time, one of them will be Paramedic/Basic.

When one of the ambulances is transporting out of the district, an additional ambulance is posted in the District as a back up.

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LIFE Ambulance Services provides a Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system with continuous onsite staffing that uses System Status Management programs for allocating proper resources on a timely basis to insure on time performance.

El Paso Medic Transports

We provide medic transports in El Paso with our Twenty-nine (29) ambulances, 120 employees with over ninety (90) qualified EMTs and paramedics throughout Life Ambulances’ combined system in the City and County.

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Medical Transportation Services in El Paso

Medical transportaion service El Paso

Looking for Medical Transportation Services in El Paso, team up with LIFE Ambulance Services. We provide an active and experienced Medical Director and quality assurance program.

Wheelchair Transport Services El Paso

Professional in-house fleet maintenance center with three (3) bays and certified mechanic personnel to quickly service our wheelchair transport customers.

LIFE AMBULANCE on-site fleet maintenance

LIFE Ambulance Services and the life academy

The Life Academy as founded in 1999. It provides training for all three (3) discipline levels: EMT-Basic, Advanced EMT and Paramedic. This school has processed in excess of 1,100 students, many of whom are now or have been employed by Life Ambulance.


It is our experience that the best way to serve our patients and our customers is to employ multiple, integrated processes for quality improvement to ensure complete quality control for the support and delivery of our services. Many companies approach quality issues as separate from the remainder of their business. Life Ambulance takes a different view, infusing the principles of quality management and quality improvement throughout our organization and into every facet of our local operation—clinical, administrative and operational.

Real-time medic observation by our Field Training Officers, 100% patient chart review, peer review and Medical Director-based education and case reviews are the cornerstones of our program.


HOWARD ENLOE, Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Enloe founded the company in 1984 to fill the need for a responsible emergency ambulance company to respond to the emergency medical needs of the Upper Valley of the El Paso County. Mr. Enloe has a Master of Science in engineering and has been a successful business leader, college instructor, public speaker, consultant and bank director in El Paso for many years.


Ms. Harracksingh functions as the organization’s President and Chief Operating Officer. She has been with the company since 1990. She served as past Region 4 director for the American Ambulance Association and has served as past President of the Texas Ambulance Association. Additionally, she has served as the Chair for State Legislative Affairs and as such has been instrumental in the passing of a number of bills concerning ambulance issues. Ms. Harracksignh has a Master in Business Administration and is the Lead Liaison for Medicaid issues with the State and its providers and is Texas Ambulance Association’s main contact for issues Medicare on a national basis. Ms. Harracksingh is the recipient of the Texas Ambulance Association’s prestigious Joe Brown Humanitarian Award, and Outstanding Volunteer Award from The American Ambulance Association.

ASCENSION MENA, MD, Medical Director

Dr. Mena is licensed to practice medicine in the State of Texas has provided Life’s Medical Direction since 1992. He has extensive experience in the emergency department and is well known in the medical community. Dr. Mena is a product of the El Paso community. He grew up in El Paso, participated in UTEP Upward bound while in High School and in the Minority Biomedical Science program while at UTEP. Dr. Mena received his BS and MS degrees and pursued a career in medicine afterwards. His commitment to the community was culminated with the Retreat Center that he completed recently. Dr. Mena offers his experience, his educational background, his success in business and his life experiences in medicine that can easily be incorporated in to any health discipline.

DAVID PEARSE, Director – Life EMS Academy

Mr. Pearse has over thirty (30) years of EMS and education experience, twenty-five (25) years as an instructor and coordinator. He has worked with Life Ambulance Service since 1999 and has always been a source of information, guidance, and planning for the Academy. Mr. Pearse coordinates Life Ambulance’s education program and drives the process for accreditation for our EMS academy. Mr. Pearse has been a Paramedic Instructor with twenty-five (25) years’ experience and is responsible for the oversight of the Paramedic Program. His certifications include, Texas Licensed Paramedic, Texas Advanced and Tactical Paramedic. Mr. Pearse has also held certifications as an ACLS Instructor, PALS Instructor, PHTLS Instructor, AMLS Instructor, BLS Instructor, New Mexico Paramedic, New Mexico EMS Instructor, Colorado Paramedic and Colorado EMS Instructor.

EDDIE SANCHEZ, Field Supervisor

Mr. Sanchez has twenty-seven (27) years of field EMS experience, has served as a Field Training Officer (FTO), an Assistant Supervisor, and currently serves as a Field Supervisor. He is primarily responsible for operations which include supervising field personnel, dispatch and supply. Eddie holds a Paramedic certification with ACLS. Eddie is an American Heart Association Coordinator for Life Ambulance and a BLS, ACLS and Heart Saver Instructor. Eddie was chosen as the EMS Person of the Year by the Border RAC in 2010.


Ms. Higginbotham has worked for Life Ambulance for fourteen (14) years as a dispatcher. Kim is an expert with ZOLL Data Dispatching systems as well as the EMS Radio System, EMS Trauma Systems, and the Alpha Paging System for First Responders. Kim multi-tasks by taking transfers and at the same time enters them in the Dispatch system, dispatching crews to ER and non-emergency calls. Kim keeps track of all upcoming Long-Distance Transfers, Special Events, and hospital statuses. Kim is also knowledgeable in patient billing coverage as well as EMT protocols and procedures.

ALMA AVILA, Billing Coordinator

Ms. Avila has worked with Life ambulance for nine (9) years. Alma’s roles and responsibilities include processing hospital invoices, supervising accounts receivable and ensuring all claims are billed in a timely manner. Alma has worked in the medical field for twenty-four (24) years. Her experience includes twelve (12) years as the unit secretary at Las Palmas Medical Center.

STEVE TREJO, Shop Foreman

Mr. Trejo has worked for Life Ambulance Service for over two (2) years with the primary responsibility of fleet maintenance. Steve has over twenty-eight (28) years’ combined experience as a Service Technician and Shop Manger. Steve is responsible for the preventive maintenance programs and repairs of all Life Ambulance vehicles and he manages the shop personnel.

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